Although it is a good choice to grow fig trees in gardens, sometimes we also have some requirements to cultivate fig trees in containers. The main reason would be that the potted fig trees will be easier to move and we can put them in different locations depending on our needs to decoration or other requirements. The potted fig plants can provide you an attractive view no matter where you put them. This article will present some convenient tips to do this job.

Regarding the container for the fig tree cultivation, most pots will be more than adequate and you can choose your favorite pots for the cultivation no matter it is clay pots or wooden boxes. You should pay more attention on the instructions from the container manufacturer regarding the features of the pot. For example, if the pot is made from porous material, it is necessary to replenish adequate water frequently.

Some dark containers is capable of absorb more sunlight than the light color ones. The size of the container is another factor to think about. Considering the fact that tree will grow from time to time, it is necessary to prepare a larger pot for future if you put your tree seedling in a small container. For adult trees, a container sized from 20 to 30 gallon should be enough.

To cultivate healthy trees in containers, the soil used is preferred to be a medium-rich potting mix. Some added components such as compost and organic matters are also helpful. To prevent the soil from being too “sticky”, some sand or loose materials can be added to increase its porosity to filter extra water.

Since fig trees do not consume nutrients quickly, it is a good idea to use slow-release fertilizers to feed them. Their preference for the elements in the fertilizer is the one with more phosphorus than nitrogen. The amount of water the plants need depend on a lot of factors including the surrounding temperature, drainage conditions etc.

When cultivating trees in pots, it is a must to put them in a place with adequate sunlight during the day. In winter times, you should not leave your plants outside otherwise its roots will die. The greenhouse might be a good option providing there is a good ventilation condition. During winter, you are also required to water them at least once per month. Sunlight is not a must during its dormant period.

The last thing to care about for your fig trees is the pruning. You do not need to do this job from time to time. Three years might be a good option for the next pruning. The top of the tree is the main point of the trimming work. Also, you should cut the foliage into a good shape for ornamental requirements.